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Vi Music software is developed by “vfsfitvnm”.   Vi Music APK began as a simple but creative web-based music application. And has since become well-known among music enthusiasts all around the world.

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Vi Music

Vi Music software is developed by “vfsfitvnm”.   Vi Music APK began as a simple but creative web-based music application. And has since become well-known among music enthusiasts all around the world. It provides a special, limitless method for listening to songs on YouTube Music. The original idea behind the app was to offer a premium music streaming service without requiring a membership, all for free. It is an extremely simple user interface makes it ideal for anybody looking for a feature-rich music app with no complications that are frequently seen on these kinds of platforms.

Vi Music APK

Vi Music APK is more than simply a music player. With the help of this platform, you can find, explore, and enjoy music in a way that suits your preferences and lifestyle. With over 800,000 downloads, this lightweight tool with a lot of functionality is in high demand.

Features of Vi Music

YouTube Premium Music

Use the VI Music App to find new music and explore categories, moods, artists, etc. All the YouTube Premium Music library, which consists of thousands of melodies, albums, playlists, and more, is available to you.

background mode

Even when you are using other apps or have your screen off, continue to listen to your music. You may listen to music in the background without having it cut off with the ViMusic app for Android.

social media exchange

Enjoy songs with your loved ones on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. A track or playlist URL can also be copied and pasted anywhere.

Listening offline

Enjoy your music without an internet connection by downloading it for offline listening. You can effortlessly manage your downloads by selecting their storage location and quality.

No requirement to root

Without rooting your Android smartphone, use the ViMusic App on any Android device that supports the YouTube Music API. Using the ViMusic App doesn’t require you to change your device’s settings or run the risk of breaking your device.

Playlist import

Playlists can be imported and listened to on the ViMusic App via other music services like Spotify or Apple Music. Additionally, the ViMusic App allows you to export your playlists to other music services.


Add new fonts, colors, and themes to personalize the app. Three modes are available: dark, light, and custom. Additionally, you can alter the accent, font size, and color of the app. 

Android Auto

Use the ViMusic App on Android Auto to operate the app while driving by speaking to it or using your touch screen. ViMusic App with Android Auto allows you to listen, stop, dodge, move, reiterate, and search for music.

enduring line

Use the ViMusic App to view and control the songs in your queue. Songs in your queue can be added, removed, rearranged, and cleared. Even if you close and reopen the application, your queue will remain intact.

Make a bookmark!

To make finding your favorite musicians and albums easier later, bookmark them. Additionally, you may see the most recent offerings and updates from the albums and artists you have bookmarked.

free of ads

Without any advertisements interfering with your music enjoyment, enjoy it. There are no commercial interruptions or annoyances with the ViMusic App.

Song lyrics

See the song lyrics or synced lyrics so you may sing along as you play them. Additionally, you can use keywords or phrases to search for lyrics.

Ignore Silence

By skipping the silences in the songs, you can lessen the pauses and spaces between tracks. The time and threshold of the quiet detection are also programmable.

Audio Alignment

To get the music to play at a constant loudness, turn on audio normalization. Additionally, you are free to modify the normalization level and procedure to suit your tastes.

A sleep timer

Before going to bed, establish a sleep timer that will automatically turn off the music. You can set a custom time or select from established intervals.

Playback Offline

With VI music’s offline playback feature, users may continue to enjoy the songs they love even in the absence of an internet connection. People with restricted internet access or those who travel frequently will find this feature especially helpful. For offline listening, users can download playlists or tracks and access them whenever they want.

Playback Offline

Superior Audio Quality

With the app’s excellent audio quality, users can experience the greatest sound quality when listening to their music. A variety of music forms, notably FLAC and WAV, which provide lossless audio quality, are supported by the program. Those who like high-quality music, or audiophiles, will find this function especially helpful.

Superior Audio

Security and privacy

ViMusic is a privacy-conscious program that doesn’t monitor your listening preferences or gather any personal data. As a result, you may listen to your favorite music without worrying about your personal information being bought or sold for commercial purposes.

Open Source

There are no in-app purchases or advertisements, and ViMusic is free to use. In other words, you can reduce the cost of audio streaming without compromising on features or quality.

Massive Library

Vi Music APK’s extensive music catalog continues to be one of its best qualities. You may use the app to play several songs in different languages and genres. Additionally, the selection is large enough to ensure that you will always be able to find your preferred sounds or discover new music to add to your collection of favorites.

Interface That's Easy to Use

Vi Music has a user-friendly, lightweight interface. Because of this, the application has a straightforward design that makes navigating through it and utilizing its features simpler. Navigating around the app’s layout is fun and simple, whether you’re looking for a specific song, browsing across categories, or making a playlist.

What's New?

  • Android Auto support has been added; settings must be enabled for this to work.
  • A bug that induced artists and albums to be sorted incorrectly has been fixed –
  • The system for normalizing audio has been improved.
  • GB users were encountering the “this video is not available in your country” issue.

How to Download and Install Vi Music App?

  • Navigate to my website’s download page and press the download button. The most recent ViMusic App APK download will be sent to you.
  • Tap the APK file to open it after it has finished downloading. To permit the setup of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, you might need to enable “Unknown sources” or “Install unknown apps” in your device’s settings.
  • To install the ViMusic App on the device you are using, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen. The program may need access to your storage and microphone, among other permissions.
  • Once downloading has been completed, you can open the ViMusic App via your home screen or app drawer. With the ViMusic App, you may begin searching for and listening to music from YouTube.
  • I hope this aids in getting the ViMusic app installed on your Android smartphone. Please contact us if you have queries or issues.


Is Vi Music free?

ViMusic is free. ViMusic is available without cost to users. All the app’s functions are available to you without charge. Logging in or registering is not required. You don’t have to be concerned about in-app purchases or ads. Neither rooting your device nor changing the system settings is required.

Is the Vi music app legal?

If you abide by the GPL-3.0 license and the rules and limitations of YouTube Music, using the ViMusic App is both safe and lawful. Since the ViMusic App serves as a program that anyone may see, alter, and distribute, it is free of viruses and hidden costs. Since the ViMusic App uses YouTube’s and Google’s API to access their material, it does not infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks.

Is the Vi Music app compatible with iOS? 

No, ViMusic is not compatible with iOS. There is no ViMusic app for iOS. 


For Android users, the best music app is the ViMusic App. It enables you to stream songs from YouTube songs indefinitely and for free. It does not require rooting, in-app purchases, sign-in, or advertisements. It contains a ton of features, like lyrics, themes, offline listening, support for Android Auto, and more, that enhance your musical experience. You may support and believe in the open-source ViMusic App project. Why do you wait? Enjoy your music after downloading the ViMusic app from my website!